Frequently Asked Questions

For eligible students StuPay pays upfront tuition fee to the college at the beginning of each term/semester.
You can pay us back your tuition fee amount in interest free ten instalments.

If you hold a valid student visa (Subclass 500) or a temporary skills Graduate visa (Subclass 485) and are enrolled in an recognised Australian college then you are eligible.
You can contact us start using our services. We will get in touch with your college/institute to verify your enrolment etc. and arrange for your fee payments in installments.

There is no hidden fee or any interest charges on using StuPay services for fee payments to your colleges/Institutes.

You just need to verify your enrolment and a valid student visa. Contact us to arrange for your fee installments to your college through StuPay.

You will need to authorise StuPay to deduct the fee in 10 installments through your bank account via direct debit facility.
An equal installments will be debited each week from your bank account for the first 10 weeks of the term.
The total amount you pay will be exactly equal to your college fee. There will be no extra charges or interest incurred!

Once you register with StuPay, you will get an online StuPay account where you can login to check your fee details with payment status etc.